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Dawood Taghizadeh

B.Sc (Medical Laboratory Science)
NHP (Natural Health Practitioner)
Registered Acupuncturist
National Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (NADA)
Medicine Herbalist
Registered Nutritional Advisor


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 Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic System

The Lympathic System is four times larger than the Blood Circulatory System.  This system is a complex network of lympathic vessels, organs (spleen, thymus, tonsils) and lymph nodes.  Within the lymph nodes the fluid is concentrated, filtered and purified removing potentially harmful foreign materials such as microorganisms, viruses, bacteria fungus and abnormal cells.  It plays a particular important role in the drainage of excess lymph fluid, the elimination of toxic waste and tissue inflammation.  This system is a vital part of the body’s immune system, carrying fats away from the intestines and many other organs resulting in an overall improvement in wellbeing.

When lymphatic circulation slows down, the regeneration of cells becomes less effective. This condition allows toxins waste, bacteria, and proteins to accumulate around the cells, causing cellular oxygenation to decrease and tissue regeneration to diminish.

 Lymphatic System (Main Lymphatic Nodes and Vessels)

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What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT)

The proper functioning of lymphatic system is critical to the body’s ability to detoxify and regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and maintain a healthy immune system.

If lymph circulation stagnates, toxins accumulate and compromise cellular functioning, opening the way to physical ailments. The lymphatic fluid (Lymph) can stagnate for many reasons, such as swelling, surgery, chronic inflammation, lack of physical activity, over weigh, stress, fatigue, emotional shock, age, and poorly fitted.

The Lympathic System has no pump of its own and therefore needs to be manually stimulated and drained.

LDT is a method of stimulating your lymph and body fluids that will help cleanse your body, eliminate toxins and dead or immature cells and foreign substances.  It moves excess and trapped proteins from the tissues, prevents the formation of fibrotic tissue and improves lymph circulation in certain areas. LDT can be used on the thighs to reduce the fatty tissue which causes cellulite. (move this under Cellulite)

Manual lymph drainage helps to reduce blockage, by creating alternate passages for the lymph flow.

Manually assessing of rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow usually gives accurate information concerning your lymphatic system, and then the lymph must be sent to the group of nodes responsible for filtrate and drainage.

Being accredited through related natural medical schools, advanced practitioners of LDT are trained in the stimulation of the two to three layers of muscles located along the lympathic pathways. Today in Europe, lymphatic drainage is commonly used in hospitals, is prescribed by M.D.s, and is reimbursed by insurance.

Breast Lymphatic Drainage

LDT that can be used by trained therapists for specific conditions and indications relating to breast cancer. To promote the LDT found in most other body tissues, fluid has a tendency to accumulate in the breast. The light-touch specific approach of LDT provides an ideal solution to fluid stagnation.



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Lymphatic vessels and nodes in the female breast.

Breast Lymphedema and LDT                                      

The most common cause of breast lumps is fibrocystic breast disease. In this illness, one or more fluid-filled masses form as cysts, causing recurrent flare-up of tender lumps in one or both breasts, caused by Wearing bras, Breast implants and silicone. Probably no other disease strikes as much fear in the hearts of people than cancer. The number of death due to cancer in this country has doubled every 30 years.

Breast cancer is most common in women over forty years old. Post-menopausal and overweight women have the highest risk. Estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer after long time use. In general, the risk of recurrence rises with increasing tumor size and lymph node involvement.                                                                                                                                        

The lymph circulates through the body tissues transporting debris, toxins and abnormal cells from tissue to the lymph nodes. Consequently, lymph backs up, backs up, backs up, and finally in some people it settles in the breasts lymph nodes, if it is not drained out from the breast lymph nodes. 

The good news is that breast cancer can often be cured if it is detected early by your medical doctor.
Today in Europe, lymphatic drainage is commonly used in hospitals, is prescribed by M.D.s, and is reimbursed by insurance.

Lymph Edema (swelling) is an abnormal blockage of fluid in the extra cellular spaces. In those cases, the lymphatic system itself is not working properly it is a result of impaired of lymph, and an accumulation of protein-rich fluid in the extra cellular spaces that may develop into fibrosis.

Swollen lymph nodes in the “Neck, Armpits or Groin” could be due to many illnesses.                                                                    

There are various types of lymph edema which LDT can help:

·         Surgery, biopsy, Surgical removal of lymph nodes

·         Radiation therapy, High acidity in body

·         Cancer: Brest cancer, lymphoma, pelvic, prostate cancer, and metastasis

·         Parasites (filariasis), infection.

·         Chronic Inflammation, Burns, traumas.

·         Chronic venous condition.

·         Medication, silica dust, heavy metal toxin accumulated in tissue.  


Cellulite is a common superficial pocket of trapped fat, which cause uneven dimpling or “orange peel” skin.

Lymph Drainage for Cellulite Treatment

This unique drainage technique designed to break down fatty deposits under the skin (cellulite) and boost the immune system.

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Indications of Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)


Acne vulgaris, Rosacea, Seborrhea

Chronic and allergic eczema, Certain pigmentation spots

Perioral dermatitis (from cortisone treatments). Etc...

LDT hydrates the skin, nurtures wrinkles, removes toxins, and regenerates.
Breast Ptosis (Sagging Breast), Etc
Skin complexion,
Bags” under the eyes,  Cellulite, Adiposis, Hair loss, Alopecia

Chronic constipation, Colitis, Gastritis. I.B.S. (Irritable bowel syndrome),
Crohn’s disease, Pancreatitis. Ulcerative colitis
Celiac disease, Malabsorption, Chronic hepatitis.

PMS, painful or hemorrhagic menstrual.

Brest pain or swollen breasts (from menstrual, oestro-progestatif pill, pregnancy).

Pregnancy: Stretch marks (belly, breasts). It is a very long process, and the results are better if the drainage begins in the early stage.

Headache, Migraine, Stroke, Spinal injury, Neuralgia facial,


Stress, Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Pain, Chronic muscle spasms

Sleeping disorders, Snoring

Detoxification (Toxic chemical poisoning), Deep cleansing of body

Withdrawal (Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol hangover)

Metabolic effects on cholesterol, Uric acid, etc.

Tissue regeneration and Oxygenation (LDT is a very good technique to use with elderly people because of its profound effects on tissue and deep cleansing of the body.

Memory loss, Cerebral degeneration.

Reduce fluid retention

Help heal recent scar tissue

Help with weight reduction

Improve the immune system

Infectious Disease. And more………………..


Pre - & Post- Surgical Patients can benefit from lymphatic drainage. The main actions of LDT are to stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic flow and, indirectly, the blood; the immune system (the humoral as well as the cellular immunity), and the autonomic nervous system (The parasympathetic nervous system provides relaxation and antispastic effect) is compromised.

Dawood Taghizadeh is a Natural Health Doctor and certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist from The Upledger Institute (developed by Dr. Bruno Chicly).

Mr. Taghizadeh also trained for Manual drainage of Central Nervous System to reabsorb cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This technique improves many nervous problems.  


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