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 Free Radicals

Aging and disease causing agent

 If you want to defy aging or keep your life healthy, check your Free Radicals level!

What are Free Radicals?   How they Formed and how are they  damaging to the human body?

Free Radical is a molecule that leaves with an odd, unpaired electron. But when weak bonds split, free radicals are formed; they are very unstable and react quickly with other compounds, trying to capture the needed electron to gain stability.

Generally, free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule in body, "stealing" its electron. When the "attacked" molecule loses its electron, it becomes a new free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction. Once the process is started, it can cascade, finally resulting in the disruption of a living cell. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also spawn free radicals.

Free Radicals are biochemical molecules in human body and natural products of metabolism. In the body, they attack living tissue, cells and damage them.  


However, excess amount of Free Radicals can cause a series of harm from speeding up aging to inducing various diseases (over 70 kinds).

Some researchers even called Free Radicals, the disease causing agent. Many scientists describe the aging process, as the fact of oxidative stress on the cells caused by destructive molecules called Free Radicals.

Free Radicals are unavoidable. When you eat food, living toxins in the air, smoke, worry, stress, even excessive exercise make your cells produce destructive Free Radicals.

At least 70 diseases are caused by Free Radicals!

       DNA, especially damage to cancer suppressor gene, may switch to cancer cells.

       Unsaturated fatty acids and lipid oxidation can cause hardening of arteries. Hardening of the arteries is myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage causes.

       Attack the beta cells of the pancreas, causing diabetes, etc.

Check your Free Radicals level today, if you want to defy aging or keep your life healthy.

Aging: Damaged cells speed up aging, and may cause other tissue damage such as: 

Cervical, ovary, liver, Cell`s Mitochondria (Insulin secretory dysfunction), Stomach or disease like: Inflammation, Arteriosclerosis, brain & heart disease (may cause from the oxidation of vascular cell wall), Atopic Dermatitis: (Becomes worse due to low skin moisturizing), Rheumatoid arthritis, Cold, Influenza, Stroke, Gout, Alzheimer, Parkinsonís disease, High blood pressure, Degeneration of eyesight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Free Radicals Testing

F.R testing will help you achieve a healthy life style. We hope early finding! Early treatment!


PAM Clinic has provided advance Free Radicals Testing by Urine Digital Analyzer to providing specialized health care system.

With state-of-the-art and Bio- Technology, we are contributing significantly to the early detection of some wide range of health problems; modern human beings are suffering from difficult diseases.

The importance of early detection becomes more and more in keeping good health and life.

PAM Clinic is devoting to the early detection of health problems for healthy life and anti-aging. PAM Clinic is emerging as advanced in health care Industry and contributing to the improvement of human health through our accumulated knowledge and experience.

Free Radicals Urine Digital Analysis can determine the degree of oxidation in our bodies. PAM Clinic carries out Free Radicals test with urine sample instead of blood which is more accurate.

*Registered and listed in US by FDA.


Importance of Urinalysis

Urine is a typically sterile liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through the urethra. Cellular metabolism generates numerous by-products, many rich in nitrogen that require elimination from the bloodstream.

These by-products are eventually expelled from the body during urination, the primary method for excreting water-soluble chemicals from the body. These chemicals can be detected and analyzed by urinalysis. Certain disease conditions can result in pathogen-contaminated urine.

The Urinalysis is an important diagnostic test used to determine certain conditions by your MD. The urinalysis is believed to be the oldest diagnostic test, being practiced even before the blood test. The urinalysis can reveal diseases before any outward symptoms develop, determine whether subjects have drugs or alcohol in their bodies, or help doctors monitor known medical conditions.

Consequently, urinalysis is an extremely valuable tool for demonstrating pathological conditions in the excretory system and as an index for the general metabolic condition of an individual.

Urine Analysis digital testing shows:


-        Urobilinogen

-        Glucose

-        Bilirubin

-        Ketone

-        Specific Gravity   

-        Occult Blood

-        PH   (body`s acid Alkali level) 

-        Protein Nitrite

-        Leukocytes


Antioxidants are the solution to Free Radical damage; they neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron-"stealing" reaction.

Also antioxidant nutrients themselves don`t become free radicals by donating an electron because they are stable in either form. They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and disease.            


Free consolation - For a list of antioxidants and treatment information.



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